Q. Do I need to be fit before I join?

A. Absolutely not. Muay Thai boxing can be very demanding physically. However all new students just work to the level that is comfortable. Your body will adjust in its own time. Before you know it you will look back and be amazed how much your fitness has improved.

Q. What costs are involved?

A. The hourly costs and class times are on the Classes page. The only additional costs are for an annual licence at £15.00. Ask Kru Garry for details.

Q. What equipment do I need to bring along?

A. Basics are a tee shirt and shorts/leggings. Water is essential to stay hydrated. A small towel may be useful. Other equipment is provided.

Wrist wraps prove helpful when your power develops, as are anklets. If you decide Muay Thai is for you, gloves etc. can be good investments. Additional equipment can be purchased at our classes at cheaper prices than you get on the internet. This includes gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, protective box, anklets, Nam Muay Thai cream, Tee-shirts, shorts and hoodies.

 Q. Do I need any Muay Thai or martial arts experience?

A. No. Sometimes it is harder to adapt from other martial arts to Muay Thai. Some Muay Thai camps teach slightly different techniques. Having a clean sheet can be useful.

Q. Do I need a licence?

A. Yes. We belong to the United Kingdom Muay Thai Federation. For your own peace of mind a current licence is essential. This is an annual cost of £15.00

Q. Do I have to fight?

A. No. Lots of students come along for fitness and confidence. Sparring is optional. Many do find at a later date they want to try it. The idea is to have fun. It is your choice.

Q. Is Muay Thai relevant to self defence?

A. Yes. We teach traditional Muay Thai and Boran. Simple, effective techniques that are relevant to sport and the street are included in the syllabus. Having a wide experience of martial arts, we incorporate all relevant defence techniques from other martial arts.

Q. Do you recommend cross training?

A. Yes. We have links with many martial arts. Karate, traditional Ju Jitsu, Escrima, Aikido and Krav Maga to name a few.

Kru Garry recommends training with and respecting many martial arts.

Q. Will Muay Thai help with my confidence?

A. Yes. As your skills develop so also will your stature. You will find your body posture changes over time, along with your health.

There will be physical and visible changes in your improved confidence.

Q. What do I need to spar/fight?

A. You will need shin guards, mouth guard, 16 oz gloves,hand wraps, a protective box and a current U.K.M.F. licence.

Q. Does the club train fighters?

A. Yes. We have students that fight at all levels of Muay Thai and some in Mixed Martial Arts. Some students have trained and fought in Thailand too. We attend shows throughout the U.K.

Q. What's in it for me?

A. You can expect to be healthier, fitter and stronger.

Your confidence will build. You will be able to train in a friendly, welcoming camp. Your tuition will be from a qualified Muay Thai instructor.

Q. What does a typical lesson entail?

A. Warm up roughly 10 minutes.

Cardiovascular exercises relevant to Muay Thai.

Technical applications and techniques.

Another cardiovascular exercise.

Final technical and warm down.

Q. Do you take one to one private lessons?

A. Yes. Discuss with Kru Garry Jones what you are looking for. Students progress at an amazing rate with private lessons.

Q. What age do I need to be?

A. Ages currently range from thirteen to mid fifties.