Chaos Hereford Muay Thai Club was formed in 2007 when Kru Garry Jones returned to his home county of Herefordshire. The club aims to teach traditional Muay Thai - with a strong emphasis on cardio fitness and technique - to all levels of ability.

We accept all levels of fitness and ability. You will get fit at your own pace by coming along to the class. 

We are very proud to be associated with training vision-impaired students from the Royal National College for the Blind. In 2012 Kru Garry travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria, teaching and lecturing on the experience as part of a European initiative.

In training younger people our syllabus which includes social skills as well as Muay Thai abilities. Junior students will be expected to have skills signed off by parents or guardians such as tidy bedrooms, homework completed, helping around the home etc. The aim is to have a rounded student/warrior who respects their community and the people within it. 

Garry is also a fully qualified Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. This proves of great help in coaching and developing his students. He studied and qualified under Dr Richard Bandler, the co founder of N.L.P. and the world's most renowned hypnotist. Find out more at

Call: 07818 508763


Kru Garry Jones says

"I have been training in martial arts for over forty years, starting as a youngster in Shukokai Karate with Sensei Tom Beardsley and the famous Sensei Kimura. This was when karate in the UK involved a lot more contact than it does now.  

My career and life experiences have added to my ability to coach and draw the best out of people, though that is not for me to proclaim - testimonials from those who have trained with and under me will validate this.

I came to Muay Thai later than I would have wished. After training in many styles and arts, finally I found what was for me. Muay Thai is direct, powerful and relaxed in it's fighting style.

I have been very lucky to train with, and learn from, very skilled people. If I can pass on some of this as my legacy I will have repaid a small amount."