Hereford Muay Thai can safely say it has world class facilities and is not standing still. The gym will double in size with work commencing 2016. We will have two rings, weight training facilities and lots more new equipment, over £80,000 of investment again.


Luke Bryan went to Thailand to train with Por Promin, Hua Hin.

 George Masters and Kori Lee will be attending Por Promin, Hua Hin for the month of February.2016


In 2015 Garry joined a team to support Richard Bandler, the co founder of N.L.P. and hypnosis, on his annual training in London. A very proud Garry.


In January we held a 6 week Fighters Boot Camp.

February 2nd we attended the KStar interclub.

Feb 21st was the annual club night out care of our partners and friends at South Wye Police Boxing Academy.

Wales vs England International Boxing held in Hereford. Wales won and Kru Garry presented the Best Bout of the night award.

March 7th Ekachy Schmalisch, Todd Gray and Peter Koval fought tremendous fights at the Corefit show.

On The 14th March one week later, despite injury Todd Gray took the fight to Josh Coventry who weighed in a lot heavier and won with style. All on Sky T.V. too. Thanks to Steve Logan of Kstar with another great show at The Tower.

Next fight calendar was May 3rd ,Ekachy Schmalisch and Krzys Ni on The Thaitans fight show in Redditch.

The 23rd of May we visited the Main Event to witness some classic fights.

July was an interclub at Thaitans with Jim Hernandez, Luke Bryan and Alicja Kolodziejek having their first experiences of getting in the ring.

October 3rd Jim Hernandez,George Masters and Alicja KKolodziejek fought at The Corefit show in Edgbaston on a cracking show.

Seminar from the famous Design Rajanont champion. 

October 23rd Luke Bryan had a superb fight at Burton on Trent.

November Jim Hernandez had his second fight at Leamington Spa. Another great show.

December was our Xmas night out. Messy!


 Ashley Jones won as and outstanding female student. She has progressed in 6 months from a knee trembling newbie to a feisty, competent fighter. Well deserved.

George Masters also got a student of the Year award in what was a very difficult category to choose from. There have been many worthy students this year. What did it for George was despite injury coming in to train Jim for his fight in November.

Well done to the both.  


New double size Gym. Lots of fights planned and expert seminars to follow.

Interclub at the end of January.

February 13th. International Boxing, Wales v England at Hereford 6th Form College.

March fight night at Corefit, Edgbaston Cricket Ground. George Masters and Jim Hernendez matched so far. More to come!